GPS Services

If you are in the market to sell – here is what you get when you utilize our no-risk services.

  1. You will understand your strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of the potential buyer, and we work together to make sure your business is attractive to them.
  2. Your financials will be prepped and ready for “inspection.”
  3. You will be coached and able to answer all the potential “gotcha” questions buyers ask.
  4. You will understand your valuation and agree to a minimum threshold price.
  5. Drew Ferner (our lead broker) will participate in every call you have with potential buyers (as well as de-brief after to improve your sales pitch).
  6. GPS will minimize the impact on your current staff and take away as much risk from them knowing you are for sale as possible.
  7. Your business listing will be presented to the most lucrative buyer pool available.
  8. Drew will personally help you negotiate your offers to ensure the maximum value is achieved.
GPS Consulting LLC

GPS Consulting LLC